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About us

At BALMONTS, we understand that personal style is a powerful means of self-expression. Founded by a man of many roles, Bin, we are a brand born out of the journey of life. From college graduation to the challenges of the corporate world, and the profound transformation of becoming a father, Chen Bin's experiences have mirrored the diverse roles that men play in their lives. Throughout these transitions, he grappled with a common dilemma - finding the right clothes that truly represent his evolving identity.

It was this very personal struggle that led Chen Bin to the inception of BALMONTS. Fueled by a deep desire to empower men to define and showcase their unique personas through fashion, our brand was born. Our mission is simple: to provide a curated collection of men's apparel that speaks to the multi-faceted identities of the modern man.

In our collection, you will find garments that transcend the boundaries of traditional men's fashion. We understand that every man is more than just a single role or identity - they are fathers, professionals, artists, and adventurers, often all at once. BALMONTS caters to this diversity by offering a range of styles, from sharp and sophisticated to casual and creative, allowing you to effortlessly switch between roles while maintaining your authentic self.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We source the finest materials, meticulously craft each piece, and ensure that every garment exudes a sense of luxury and comfort. BALMONTS is not just about fashion; it's about crafting a lifestyle that allows men to express their individuality with ease.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to our vision of helping men find the perfect attire to represent who they are at every moment. With BALMONTS, you can confidently step into each chapter of your life dressed in style, expressing your unique identity, and embracing the beauty of transformation.

Discover your limitless potential with BALMONTS. Embrace the journey. Embrace yourself.

BALMONTS was founded in 2018 with a single polo, Today the brand has grown to include performance sportswear, seasonal resort apparel,  and so on. Each offering features the finest raw materials and fabric innovations while utilizing the world’s best yarn spinners, artisanal workshops and highly specialized factories.

BALMONTS uses a unique design concept Exquisite craftsmanship inherited from decades to draw elements of fashion trends to bring you a more comfortable and ideal dressing experience.

Our team

Our company has many designers and purchasers. They often shuttle between the sources of high-quality raw materials and high-quality seminars to obtain new design concepts and high-quality materials to meet the needs of different customers. Each product series has a corresponding team, buyers, designers, assistants, buyers, market analysts, and team managers. They discuss possible popular styles, colors, fabrics, and retail prices, as well as the cost of reaching an agreement, and then decide on the final production. We have a 24/7 professional customer service team to provide you with pre-sales consultation, logistics tracking, and after-sales processing. Hope you have a good shopping.