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Various styles create different auras
12.11.2023 | BALMONTS | NEWS

I believe everyone has experienced the change of seasons. When I woke up in the morning, the autumn air was fresh and it was just right to wear long sleeves and a light jacket. However, by noon, when the temperature approaches 30 degrees, you bake without hesitation. The skin is difficult to peel off. If you stay up late into the night wearing short-sleeved clothes, you will definitely freeze to death before dawn. At least you can go home with a cold. Therefore, at this time of year, everyone’s clothes are often like this, infinitely messy. Today, the editor will recommend to you several jacket suits from our site.

1.Candy color suit

If you are used to black and gray formal suits for office workers, you might as well choose a youthful and energetic candy-colored suit after get off work. You can choose light blue, light pink, khaki, gray blue or purple, or you can choose cotton texture, which looks more casual and lively.

2. Striped suit

The characteristic of the vertical striped suit is that it is chic and elegant, with a feeling of "flowering at will, without even the leaves touching the body". They are simply the best choice for sexy men. In fact, vertical striped suits are different from conservative and boring solid color suits of the same color. They have distinctive personalities, fashion and elegance, and have a long-lasting status in the fashion circle. Moreover, the vertical stripe pattern will lengthen the visual effect and present a smart and concise feeling, so it is more suitable for short, lean men or men with strong bodies.

3. Plaid blazer

In contrast, plaid suits are bolder and more eye-catching. Wearing this kind of suit does not require you to wear it one by one. The plaid suit itself has a more casual and sporty style, so it can be paired well with jeans or casual pants. Shoe choice is optional. Gentlemen, have you thought about how to match it? Come and learn now!