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Learn how to match suits from the streets
02.28.2024 | Balmonts |

When we think of suits, we always think of a straight black business suit, a white shirt and a pair of black leather shoes. Such a rigid style of dressing has been ingrained in our consciousness, and it just so happens that there is a country that does not follow the routine. Walking into the streets of Italy, you can always find jaw-dropping ways to match suits. Then let’s also learn from Italian suit matching styles.

1. Style

Walking into the streets of Italy, you will find that Italians do not follow the routine at all when choosing suits. There are no exquisite tailoring lines and no fixed color combinations. The loose and natural tailoring style refreshes our traditional concept of suits. The hem of a suit can be very long, and a plaid shirt and trousers that are similar to the suit top can be worn underneath. It may seem like a strange outfit, but when you put it on, it makes people’s eyes brighter. It looks so casual and handsome.

2. Color

There is no fixed style or color for Italian suits. Suits can be worn without matching, and the colors can be different or similar. For example, pair a white suit jacket with slightly darker beige trousers, or the shirt and suit can be completely the same color. It sounds strange, but it adds a lot of points when worn.

3. Buttons

It is said that buttoning a suit is an art, and of course there is a fixed method of buttoning it. Most of the buttons on the cuffs of the suits we wear are sealed, while Italian suit cuffs generally have three buttons. Men can unbutton and roll up the cuffs of the shirt inside at will, which is formal yet chic.

4. Decoration

Italian ties are generally worn very casually and have no fixed length. The overall look is stable yet unruly. The decorative handkerchief is also put in casually, and a newspaper is handy. Casual is synonymous with Italians' suit matching, but they are also very casual when looking handsome. The above introduces how Italians wear suits. Our website has a variety of suits for you to choose from. Please visit and choose the style you like.