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How choose a collection of men's shirts
01.08.2024 | BALMONTS | NEWS

Shirts are one of the most diverse pieces of clothing anyone can own. There are huge differences in styles, colours, patterns and cuts, whichever shirt you choose will make a big difference whether it's for work, a wedding, a night out with friends, a date or just hanging out at home. These requirements vary. How do you choose the right men's shirt to help you see through the parts and feel good about it for any occasion? Let our simple guide help you choose the right shirt for you.

collar design
Men's shirts are broadly divided into two basic design groups. The first thing to consider when choosing from our collection of men's shirts is whether you want to buy a formal shirt or a casual shirt. If you're looking for work wear, formal shirts are the first place to consider. If it's a general outfit for going to a dinner party, then you'll want a casual shirt. There's really only one major difference – the neckline of a formal shirt goes up so you can easily tie it on. Casual shirts have flatter collars and buttons, making them less conducive to wearing a tie.

Pockets or no pockets
Pockets were once the exclusive preserve of formal men's shirts; in recent years, pockets have become a feature of casual shirts as well. Nowadays, it has become a matter of personal preference. The trend for pocket shirts for men still leans heavily towards formal shirts (for storing pens, notepads and your phone). In most cases, it's a case of personal preference, but be sure to choose the right style.

Pattern or plain
There are a variety of color and style options available for every occasion. One of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to choose patterned or plain clothing. Printed shirts were once the exclusive preserve of casual wear. In recent years, some top brands have introduced simple graphic designs in their shirts and work shirts, thus making formal wear more diverse. For dress shirts, though, it's better to keep the design simple - small plaids, pinstripes, etc. The more sophisticated the design, the more casual functionality it has.

Which color
Men's shirts have also changed dramatically over the past few decades. Before the 1990s, dress shirts were almost exclusively solid and white, with a few pastel color options available; casual shirts, with the exception of patterned shirts, were available in any color but white. In the 1990s, this all changed. Formal designs of men's shirts are available in black, vibrant blue and green, pink, gray, yellow, etc. Now, you don’t need to wear a dress shirt of any color, as long as it’s white. The designs and colors of suits have been changed to suit modern trends. Men who wear colorful work shirts really stand out from the crowd and are as smart as their ninjas when it comes to choosing the right tie.

Other design elements
Since the advent of shirts, men's shirts have no longer been bound by convention. When you choose from our selection of men's shirts, your selection online doesn't have to fit into any box, such as "casual" or "formal." We offer a variety of designs - plain and patterned, with options in dark, lilac and bright or pastel colors. We also have many design concepts that perfectly match expectations. Click on balmonts men's online official website to learn more about fashionable men's shirts.