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Effective styles for polo shirts
01.02.2024 | BALMONTS | NEWS

There are many items in a man's wardrobe that are very easy to wear. Coincidentally, they also happen to be some of the things that tend to clutter your style. The polo shirt is one such piece. The little things about them say a lot when you wear them with certain outfits. When wearing them, you must ensure that you focus on your attention to detail.

At balmonts, we offer an impressive collection of polo shirts for men. But trust us, not everyone will have the same impact on your style. To understand the impact their styles have on your outfit, you must first understand your polo shirt. Our collection of denim polo shirts are slim-fitting styles designed to flatter your shoulders and torso.

All these products create interest in the outfit only if you use the right pants, jackets and accessories. Here are some ideas for matching polo shirts:

Smart: Let's face it, today's polo shirt is just a widely accepted alternative to the crew-neck T-shirt. This is a garment that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a T-shirt while still looking as good as a dress shirt! All you need to do is adjust the style of the polo shirt so that it fits your style. You will need plenty of blazers, tailored trousers. Let's not forget that we are trying to achieve a "smart" look here. This means you will have to look as good as you would in a full suit. This is the ideal look for a corporate setting with a slightly toned-down dress code.

Chic Casual: Wearing a polo shirt with a chic casual outfit has to be one of the simplest things you can do to evoke a sophisticated vibe in your outfit. Few menswear products have the sharp look and casual attitude of the polo shirt. This makes them a natural fit for casual casual wear. A white polo shirt is great with black jeans, especially if you're wearing something like a slim-fitting polo or T-shirt. Since they pair so well with jeans, they naturally also work well with chinos. You can complete the stylish look with sneakers, work boots.